How To Get Around Budapest? A Guide for Transportation

Budapest is a quite big city with tons of interesting sights, so tourists might use some kind of transportation, while in the city. Let us guide you through the transportation of the Hungarian...

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What To Do After Beer Bus? Here Are Some Tips

Drinking beer on a Cabrio bus is the epitome of fun, but what to do after? We have some nice tips for you!

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Want to travel around Budapest like a true Royal?

Okay, so you went on a BeerBus trip with your friends, drank a lot of beers, visited the Citadel and rolled around the whole city – but did you captured the true beauty, or you think there...

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Important Information Before Booking

We want to keep our sightseeing tours fun, but it also needs your cooperation. We love to have all of you on the Bus, but it's important to keep in mind some of the rules. To avoid any inconvenience,...

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Top Hungarian Beer Brands

One thing to be noticed on any trip to this fascinating central European country is that, similar to many of the neighbouring countries, Hungary has a healthy taste for good beer. There are certainly...

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Meet the Iconic Ikarus Buses

There’s something about those past-era vehicles that hold a certain nostalgic romance, fill us with historical interest, and keep that appealing retro look that’s both dazzling and stylish...

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5 Reasons to Try the Beer Bus

Every year there comes a time when we can all start to think of the best way to spend our days of leisure, away from the daily grind of work and the stresses of the rat race. It’s important...

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