Budapest stag activities - What to do after your BeerBus tour?

The Hungarian capital is the true paradise for stag doers with its cheap alcohol prices, genuine Party District and unlimited programs. The BeerBus tour is an epic choice to kick off the day, get the guys into the mood and want to party more. So where to go? Fortunately since you’re in Budapest stag activities can be found in a wide range. You’ll have plenty of options with batshit crazy ideas and hilarious programs.

Get the best of Budapest stag activities

Pub crawl in the Party district

Once you’re in the mood to party all night, dive into the Budapest nightlife with a pub crawl.  A local English speaking guide will take you to the coolest bars without entrance fees or standing in lines, and you’ll also get free shots at every stop. Check out Pub Crawl Budapest to book your tour!

Mud wrestling show

What could be more fun than watching smoking hot girls wrestling each other in a mud pool, while drinking ice-cold beer? That’s what you got at Mud Wrestling Budapest. You may also require extra services, like Dominatrix who’ll lead the stag on lead around the room and so on. You can book your show online on Mud Wrestling Budapest!

Shooting experience

It’s widely known that when in Budapest stag activities must contain some kind of adrenaline rush. Go for it with a shooting experience! In the largest shooting range of the city, more than 20 firearms are waiting for you to try yourself out. The motorized and moving targets make it even more fun and challenging, so you really should brace yourself to be the best. Choose among the packages and book online, on Budapest Shooting website!

Bubble football match

If you are looking for a stag activity to tighten the bond, book a bubble football match! The lads will surely love bouncing around in these huge human-sized inflateable bubbles, yet it’s also a challenging, enjoyable sport activity. You can also get extra services, like cheerleaders or even unlimited beer. Go to the Bubble Football Budapest website!

Now you can see that in Budapest stag do activities offer lots of alcohol, hot women, insanely fun experiences together and unforgetable memories - quite everything your best pal would want on his stag do.

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