Must try beers in Budapest

When visiting this fascinating central European nation, one thing that stands out is that, like many of its neighboring countries, Hungary has a healthy taste for good beer. This is something that can be observed on any trip to Hungary. If you are a fan of beer, then a trip to Budapest might be just what the doctor ordered for you! There are certainly many reasons to visit the country, but if you are a fan of beer, then a trip to Budapest might be just what the doctor ordered for you! In light of this, here is a brief rundown of some of the more popular beers that can be found in Hungary, which should provide you with some inspiration for your upcoming trip. 


Dreher is an old Hungarian brewery that is known for its Dreher Classic, a sweet and crisp pilsner-style lager; Dreher Bak, a rich, full-bodied, dark double bock; and Dreher Pale Ale, a pale ale with a complex and fruity taste. 


Arany Szok is a pilsner beer that is widely produced and sold at low prices across the entirety of Hungary. It goes by the brand name "Arany." The beer has a golden color, has a mild bitterness to it, and its alcohol content comes in at just 4.3%. 


Soproni is yet another Hungarian beer that can be crafted into a delicious IPA at a price that won't break the bank. It is a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent outside because it is both cool and refreshing. There is also the Soproni Fekete Demon, which is a dark Dunkel brewed in the German style. It has a nutty and malty flavor, and it finishes with a sweet aftertaste. 


Borsodi is a relatively new brewery that has, over the course of its existence, garnered a growing number of followers. The Borsodi Bivaly is a robust amber lager that clocks in at 6.5% ABV and has a flavor profile that is reminiscent of light caramel. 


Szalon is Hungary's oldest brewery, having been established in 1848. It can be found in Pecs, which is situated in the south-western region of the country as might be expected. The flavor of the pale ale known as Szalon Sor, which is a popular choice, is described as being fresh and fruity. 


The best way to get a bird's-eye view of Budapest from the perspective of beer is, of course, to go on a tour that places a particular emphasis on the golden nectar. You are able to do this by taking a ride on the Beer Bus Budapest, which provides guests with high-quality beer while also taking them on a tour of the central part of the city, so that they can enjoy the sights while remaining comfortable. Make your reservations right away to secure a spot on the best beer tour in Budapest with your friends and family, or whoever you want to spend the best days of your life in the Hungarian capital.


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