New beerbus coming to the city!

The Beerbus is Budapest's newest and most distinguished mode of transportation for sightseeing tours throughout the city. You can visit all of the magnificent city's stunning sites by hiring a professional driver, or you can take the time to enjoy the ride yourself and take it all in. 


You might be wondering, "So, what exactly is the beerbus?" Now that's what I call a party on wheels! 


The arrival of our brand new beerbuses is imminent! It is our aim that you will be one of the first people to ride the new vehicles with us when we debut them later on this year as we currently have plans to do so. 


Have a wonderful day with your companions, and make the most of your time in the city!


The construction is already underway, and we cannot wait to have you join us on board when it is finished! We have made it much better, even stronger and incredibly attractive. If you bought a ticket on this bus, you won't need any other form of entertainment. 


You can find everything you require to have a successful party right here, which is surprisingly less than you might at first imagine being required. The optimal recipe for the best party of your life is having access to an unlimited supply of booze and fantastic music while also having your friends and family join you on board.


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