Party bus Budapest - Hire the BeerBus

Sightseeing tour while tapping your own beer

Stag dos and hen parties are quite popular in Hungary, but people tend to leave the city without even discovering it. Well, you come to have an amazing night, and you surely will have! But you definitely should get into the city and explore its famous sights.

So here’s the deal: a private sightseeing tour while tapping beer aboard the BeerBus! This way you don’t have to make compromises, you get to have unlimited beers and see the city.

Hire the whole party bus!

This crazy sightseeing tour is an adventure in itself, but if you want the whole experience for you and your friends, you also can hire the whole party bus! The famous party bus of Budapest is here for you to kickstart the stag do, hen party or any special occasion with your friends.

What you get aboard of the party bus Budapest:

  • one hour ride throughout the Hungarian capital
  • 30 liter or even unlimited beer, that you may tap on your own
  • music service on board
  • mesmerizing panoramic view from our double-decker bus
  • extra Prosecco if you wish

The best party bus in Budapest for any occasion

The BeerBus is an ideal choice for every occasion: stag do, hen party, birthday party or even a Thursday night out with the friends. Regardless of the purpose of the event, you’ll need something to break the ice and get the party going. That’s what the BeerBus does!

The craziest party bus in Budapest: hire the BeerBus and have an unforgettable night! 

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