Private parties on the buses

Private parties on buses? We got you! Not only is our Beerbus ready for the party of the century, but also our Rolling Bar is awaiting you with nice and cold drinks and a lot of fun around the city. Once this has been a dream only. Today, it is reality. You can organize your prom, hen or stag do or even your wedding as a private party on one of our buses. 


So you guys said YES? Or you probably will, and that calls for a celebration. We are also tired of the traditional, basic, boring wedding parties. We needed to change the game, so we came up with this amazing idea, to have your wedding during a sightseeing. Rent out exclusively our Beerbus Budapest, and not just anyhow, but with the all you can drink function! Infinite beer during the one hour trip.


The bus is able to host 32 people on board, so it fits just perfectly for a small wedding. You do not have to be afraid that someone will disturb you during the ride, since the bus will be exclusively yours. Not only that, but the party will pass by all the big sights of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. The Saint Stephen Basilica, the Parliament and the Buda Castle will all be visible from the Beerbus.


We all know that everyone wants to be the king and queen of prom. You have to make sure that you prepare for this role, so you better act now!  Do you want all the other classes to be jealous of your final party? Do you want to be the coolest kid in high school? Do you want to organize the biggest party in the history of proms? 

Your whole class, all 32 of you will fit on the bus and we will give you the ultimate

experience that everyone is dreaming about. 


Drink as much beer as you possibly can!

Cruising around the city with loud music, cold drinks and your friends is priceless and for sure, a once in a lifetime experience. 


And last but not least: The hen and stag dos are coming for you! 


The most important night for every young man or woman: The night of the bachelor or bachelorette party Budapest is not only the capital of parties in Europe but more specifically it is the capital of bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

Countless programs and many things to do for the young bride and groom before the Big Day will arrive. 


We could tell you to go for a mud wrestling show or a pub crawl in downtown Budapest, but what would be the point? These are not exciting as the service that we can provide you! Our services are much more adventurous and cool!


You can rent the bus exclusively or you can board it with your team and since up to 32 people are allowed on the bus, you might be able to find new friends! Let the party begin on the top of Budapest.


The bus will pass by all the most famous buildings of the city, the Danube and well

known squares and streets. You will get an idea of the Budapest nightlife you have already heard so much about. 


We don’t think we have to convince you further. Exclusive, premium and unique - This is how we would describe a private tour on the Beerbus Budapest. Let yourself enjoy the ride and make every big day of your life into an unforgettable, amazing experience!


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