Want to travel around Budapest like a true Royal?

Okay, so you went on a Beer Bus trip with your friends, drank a lot of beers, visited the Citadel and rolled around the whole city – but did you captured the true beauty, or you think there is even more to see?

A party sightseeing is fun, but if you are interested in Budapest and its sights, architecture, bridges and overall history, you should definitely join us on another sightseeing trip, with a lovely twist.

Of course, you have seen the sightseeing buses riding around the city, but they can be crowded and might be hard to book last minute – so why not try something personalized instead?

Royal Cars Budapest is a brand new sightseeing & travel service, that offers old-timer, 5-seated vehicles with a private tour all around Budapest. The starting point is just like with the Beer Bus: we pick you up in the middle of Budapest, next to Deák square, the most accessible place in the whole city.

Travel with style and get to know Budapest better with Royal Cars! These vehicles will truly make you feel like an aristocrat, while the driver (who is also a trained travel guide) tells you everything about this beautiful city and its history.

Royal Cars offer a sightseeing tour in four languages: English, German, Russian, and Hebrew. Five people can fit into one car, but there’s three cars operating simultaneously, so it can be also suitable if you are with a bigger group. Way better and easier way to travel around the city than going on foot or with public transport!

If you are interested in old vehicles, the Royal Cars will amaze you: all the cars are handcrafted and manufactured by a family business, who have been building horse carriages for the last 150 years. High-end materials are also guaranteed: these old-timers are not just good-looking, but beautiful, comfortable and are only made with quality materials.

Want to join? It’s easier than ever! Check out Royal Cars Budapest on their website, where you can learn even more about their cars, prices, attractions and so on.

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